My Cat Drinks A Lot Of Water

October 31st, 2013

My Cat Drinks A Lot of Water – Should I Freak Out?

Treat feline Diabetes with Dia-Ionx, should there be some concerns here? One characteristic that our beloved house cats had inherited from their wild ancestors in the desert is that weak drive for thirst. Under any normal conditions, every healthy cat only drinks little water. There are factors that eventually enhanced the cat’ thirst for water though, like high temperatures on the surroundings, exercise, stress, and even those new food types that prove to be saltier than usual. All these contributed to the thirst. Various illnesses also cause polydipsia, or excessive drinking.

My Cat Drinks a Lot of Water – What Causes Polydipsia?

Healthy cats with their wet food diets gets the most moisture they needed through their food, that is why they can be content with just an ounce or two of water in a single day. Cats that are used to consuming about four ounces of dry food in a day need to drink up to 1¼ cups of water on a daily basis.

Excessive drinking or polydipsia can be caused by untreated hyperthyroidism, kidney disease and diabetes. The usual fever and infections can also make cats more thirsty than usual.

Symptoms of Feline Diabetes - Treat With Dia-IonxMy Cat Drinks a Lot of Water – Hyperthyroidism

It would be wise to make an appointment to your vet right away whenever your cat drinks more water than usual for the purposes of ruling out any of these possibilities. Thyroid problems in cats present a variety of symptoms, and among them is an increased thirst. Then there is the increase of the appetite, weight loss and fur problems (excessive shedding). The good news is there are readily available treatment options for hyperthyroidism in cats these days.

Feline diabetes symptoms also highlight an increased thirst as well as increased urination. In some cases, cats will suffer from an intense lethargy that sometimes gets out of control that they are going to experience difficulty walking. Here, you will also witness an increase in the cat’s appetite together with weight loss problems. The unusual water consumption problems of those cats with hyperthyroid and diabetes problems should be solved after they undergo treatment.

My Cat Drinks a Lot of Water – Determining How Much She Is Drinking

You can readily determine how much water your cat is drinking up simply by measuring water in its bowl. Through this method, you can then average the exact amount of water by taking the necessary measurements again before refilling the bowl with water.

My Cat Drinks a Lot of WaterThe Impacts of Dehydration

Cats suffering from medical problems may also suffer from dehydration problems, even if they are drinking a lot on a daily basis. Dehydrated cat gums normally feel tacky, and not moist. If you lift it up, you will notice that its skin falls slowly back into place, rather than the usual snapping back in place.

My Cat Drinks a Lot of Water – Getting the Answers

There are many reasons why your cat drinks a lot of water, or less of it. Indeed these are signals that you should tell you something. What’s reassuring is that you know your cat better than anyone else, getting the answers should not be that hard. The first sign of something out of the ordinary, you should know that it is time to visit the vet.

My Cat Drinks A Lot of Water -Treatment

If you determine that your cat has high blood sugar due to diabetes, you can easily treat this with a product called Dia-Ionx. I have personally used this product with my diabetic cat, and my Mother has also been using this product for over a year on her diabetic cat. This product regulated my cat’s blood sugar levels within one week, and put an end to her excessively drinking water.  You can read more about our experience with it by clicking here.

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